julie-knightCredentialled Diabetes Educator 
Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from ACU in 1994. She has a variety of experience as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Unit Manager in Australia, and has also worked in England and Northern Ireland.

Julie obtained her Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Health Care from Mayfield Education, Hawthorn in 2008. She is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE) and an active member of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association.

Julie is a Lecturer and a Course Moderator for the Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education and Health Care students, and the Diploma of Nursing students at Mayfield Education.

Julie is a CDE at John Fawkner Private Hospital, providing diabetes self-management education and support in the hospital and the community through Hospital in the Home.


At the Whittlesea Specialist Centre, Julie provides knowledge and skills in diabetes education including:
• Lifestyle – Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical activity, Well being
• Introduction or changes to diabetes medication
• Initiation of insulin therapy and support with stabilisation
• Glycaemia targets/blood glucose monitoring and interpretation
• Hypoglycaemia prevention and management
• Sick day management/prevention of diabetic ketoacidosis
• Diabetes complication prevention and screening
• NDSS registration

Julie is committed to empowering her clients to make informed lifestyle and treatment choices. She supports and motivates her clients to self manage their diabetes aiming for positive health outcomes.

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