Tushar has had extensive experience in diverse podiatric environments and believes in delivering patient centred care and going above and beyond for his patients.

Outside work Tushar enjoys playing tennis. Tushar has represented his state and university in tennis at multiple events including playing at Sydney Olympic Village. This involvement in sports exposed him to injury management and rehabilitation which led him to pursue a career in podiatry and develop a keen passion for treating musculoskeletal, sports injuries, rheumatological and autoimmune conditions affecting lower limb. He has gained further training and competence in orthoses prescription, dry needling, shockwave, manual therapy of foot mobilisation and manipulation. Tushar has also gained training in analysing medical imaging and often employs X-Rays and Ultrasound Imaging as diagnostic tools where necessary.

Over the years, Tushar has developed a special interest in both conservative as well as surgical management of challenging ingrown toenails. His interest for treating ingrown toenails stems back from his university years where he spent time gaining exposure to the surgical management of ingrown toenails and later did placements in similar area where he was mentored by podiatric surgeons.

Tushar has spent time in Alice Springs (NT) in the High Risk Foot sector where he was part of numerous initiatives with Central Australian Aboriginal Congress delivering high-risk wound care in rural and outback. His experience in the outback was not just limited to the clinical rooms but he also spent time doing placements at the reputed Alice Springs Hospital and also as a visiting podiatrist for the renowned Purple House dialysis centres treating high-risk patients and also travelling to outback outside Alice Springs taking podiatry care to those who are unable to come to the city for podiatry.

Outside clinic Tushar likes to keep himself updated with the latest research by attending conferences and seminars and is also a current member of the Australian Podiatry Association.

Whether it’s ongoing general foot care or management of a recurrent and stubborn ingrown toenail, whether it’s an acute sports injury or a long standing chronic musculoskeletal condition, Tushar is passionate and committed to help his patients achieve their goals.