Hand Therapist/Scar Management
B.Occ Therapy (Hons)

Fiona has worked in the Hand Therapy & Scar Management specialty since 1999, having worked at St Vincent’s Hospital prior to working in the United Kingdom for 2 years and back to Melbourne at The Northern Hospital over the last 15 years. Fiona also worked in a private practice in Melbourne for 1 year prior to establishing Innovative Hand Therapy and Scar Management.

Fiona obtained Certified Hand Therapy status in 2003. Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) USA – is a world recognized distinguished credential demonstrating a dedicated therapist who has met a high standard of competency, to offer patients the best possible outcome by providing the highest quality of specialist care. Since 2003, Fiona has also been a full member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association and was the Victorian Representative in 2007. Fiona has a keen interest in tendon injuries and since 2008, has run a Melbourne based Hand Therapy Tendon Workshop. In March 2010, Fiona and Plastic Surgery colleagues published a paper in the European Journal of Hand Surgery on carpal tunnel syndrome and pain following hand trauma. In 2011, Fiona and a colleague also published an article on hand based splinting after thumb extensor tendon injuries.

To ensure provision of a sound quality service, Fiona is committed to professional education and ongoing training in upper limb anatomy, physiology, wound healing and hand rehabilitation.

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