B.App.Sc (Chiropractic) 

Dr Corey Eduljee is a Queensland born, Tasmanian grown lad. He studied a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of applied Sciences (Chiropractic) at RMIT university in Bundoora. He grew up visiting a Chiropractor regularly and this helped grow a passion for health studies and the Chiropractic profession. His favourite thing about chiropractic is that it enables the body to function at the highest possible level in both healing and everyday life.

Corey has always found learning about the human body fascinating and is amazed at how each of us as humans are unique. As a Chiropractor, Corey is committed to finding the best possible approach to care that is suited to your individual body and mind.

Recently Corey has volunteered at the Fitzroy Stars community clinic and thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community and family. He looks forward to trying to build a similar environment with the Whittlesea community.

As a big sports enthusiast, in his spare time Corey can be found either hanging with friends and family or playing soccer and golf.

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